Friday, May 10, 2013

Reversible Blazer by Cami Rodriguez

 I designed this reversible blazer because I feel that having multi-functional basic clothes would make my life easier. I would be able to make more space in my closet, as well as have one piece to use in different occasions.

Paolo in Levenson Rodriguez

This shoot took place on the same day we were shooting my FIP Finals. I decided to style my cousin in a preppy look, and a more unconventional fashion-forward look.

Blue Blazer from Levenson Rodriguez 2010 Color Block Collection.

FIP Finals: Found and Forsaken

Found and Forsaken

Loosely based on the 2008 film The Reader, the 1997 film Devil's Advocate, and the Gossip Girl TV Series; this editorial seeks to explore how passion and ambition can affect two individuals in a relationship.

Click on read more and see the story unfold.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

FIP: Avant Garde

Krystal is wearing a black and white denim dress by Dax Bayani.

FIP: Couture

Zandra is wearing a red sleeveless collared leather button-down top and red leather shorts by Jaggy Glarino.

FIP: Men's RTW 2

 Gui is wearing a black detachable hood by Maldita.

FIP: Men's RTW

Italo is wearing a button down hoodie and purple denim shorts by Cotton On, and lace-up boots by Dr. Martens.

FIP: Women's RTW

Stephanie is wearing black corduroy converted shorts by Bossini.

FIP: Beauty

Liz is wearing a beaded ear cuff and beaded necklace (worn on shoulder) by Farah Abu